send What presents for a girlfriend?Finally found it.

Many times, when the girlfriend is angry, will send a gift to the girlfriend, seek her forgiveness.

People say that there is only love and cough in the world can not hide. If a man really loves you, then his words and deeds, the thought of thinking, always without you figure. He will smile because you are happy and feel the same way because you are sad, and of course he will be angry with you, especially when you do these things.

If you also send a friend circle at one or two o ‘ night, the next day must be he a reprimand; it was cold and dressed very cool, must not escape him a grumble; physiological period eat raw and spicy, but also will be he a good scolding; If you are unfortunate sick, and still dragged the doctor to take medicine, then he will be on the side of the chatter to blame you, One side and earnestly told you to see a doctor, take medicine, because he is really angry and distressed.

My friend last time upset his girlfriend, ask me what to do?
I said to buy her a gift, he did not know what to give gifts, but no financial strength, I recommend a fake Bvlgari ring, very good-looking, he bought his girlfriend, his girlfriend is very happy, and then always thanked me!

Because of this thing, they later feelings more and more deep, finally entered the marriage hall, I also went to their wedding, I gave them the wedding gift is also a fake Bvlgari ring.

They went on vacation after they got married and sent me a photo of the fake Bvlgari ring. I have witnessed their love, bless them!

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