The replica Bvlgari wedding ring appears in the hands of a star

From the distant Ancient Rome to Venice, hundreds of years ago, from the incomparable sparkle of the beautiful diamond, to the concise form of the platinum ring, Bulgari Bulgari with the symbol of eternal and steadfast love of platinum, diamonds from the ancient time to draw inspiration, to create a different style but also the same luxurious bridal jewelry series. In 2009, in a special year celebrating the 125 anniversary of the brand, Bulgari returned to the Italian tradition and launched the Dedicata a Venezia series.

Dedicata A Venezia series contains a variety of platinum engagement rings, diamond wedding ring, each elegant and moving, shining the promise of love and vows.

In fact, the name of the wedding ring is also hidden mystery, inextricably linked to the history of engagement rings, the world’s first diamond engagement ring as a commitment to marriage was born in Venice, Italy, in 1503, and this ring attracts public attention, allowing us to refocus on the advent of the wedding sacred token.

With the same paragraph has no diamond Platinum ring style, modelling more concise, unique three-dimensional mosaic is particularly obvious. Inspired by an extraordinarily unique Venetian lagoon, this diamond-like style is being taken from one of the islands by its name.

In contrast, the diamond-free platinum ring rings Ring Ring size wider, suitable for the slender fingers of the bride, the finger of the fat bride can also play a cosmetic hand-style masking effect.

From the 1884, Bvlgari has traveled for more than 130 years as an Italian gem-grade jewellery brand. Every wedding ring is built from the inside out of pure emotion, the desire to ignite love.